Tally Ho!

boxingday5Aside from Horse Showing, the sport of Fox Hunting is actively pursued at Ridge Point Stables. We are members of South Creek Foxhounds, which is Florida’s oldest foxhunt, and we usually attend the hunt twice a week.

Florida enjoys a hunting season of September through February where we hunt the red and gray fox, bob cat, and coyote. Our typical hunt terrain is pasture land, palmetto bushes, pine and oak forests, and cypress swamps. The fences are primarily solid, inviting coops.

Ridge Point also attends the many hunter paces that are sponsored by South Creek Foxhounds throughout the year. This allows our riders, both fox hunters and non-fox hunters, the opportunity to ride out and simulate a hunt, but at our own pace. Ridge Point is also the location of the South Creek Foxhounds Hunter Trials.

For the fox hunter looking for a placopening daye to board their hunt horse, Ridge Point offers many different options, including keeping your hunt horse fit and transporting them to and from the hunt. Call us to design a boarding package that benefits both you and your hunt horse.

We also offer seasonal boarding for our out of state friends that would like to keep their hunting horses fit when their own hunting season is over, as well as offer a training program to fit up your hunt horse, or make a hunt horse.

If you are in the market for a hunt horse, let us know. We may have something available or know of someone that does. We can help you find the right horse to enhance your fox hunting experience.

Ridge Point offers many natural obstacles on our property, including coops and log jumps, and have miles of trails that any foxhunting enthusiast will enjoy as a boarder.


Join Us March 11, 2017 as Ridge Point hosts the 2017 South Creek Foxhounds Hunter Trials!
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