Hunt Fitness

fieldAnyone who is wondering how to fit up their hunt horse needs to consider sending it to Ridge Point Stables for July and August. Starting the first of July the pros at Ridge Point will ride your horse cross hill and dale, 5 days a week. Ridge Point has a 250 acre wooded trail area and it is rolling hill country which will add to the fitness build up. Also there is easy access to Catfish Creek Preserve and a 10 mile marked trail for any owner that can ride on Saturday and/or Sunday.
If your horse will be in First Flight, our farm also has fence line coops and a natural jump field for schooling over fences. Green horses can learn about jumping in the field before being startled by a jump while hunting. Riders can practice in a more real situation with professional instruction.
Any new member or old member that wants to learn more about hunting is invited to schedule a ride with trainers, Marylu or David, who have both whipped in for recognized hunts. Bring a group and simulate a hunting day to test your horses and learn what skills a hunt horse needs. Find your place in the field by practicing the skills and training your horse to understand.

Cost for Board and Fitness Program:
$1100/month includes board, turn out, grooming and riding.

Vacation Board with Fitness Training $40/day

Cost for Individual Fitness Rides
Schedule 24 hours ahead
45 minute-1 hour rides with David or Marylu Tuesday-Sunday
Cost: private $100 2-4 riders $60 each 5-10 riders $50 each

Hunting season comes up quickly. Cubbing is not the time to fit up your horse, considering a coyote run early in the season could put an unfit horse out for the rest of the season.