Training & Lessons


Lesson Program

Educating riders at Ridge Point is centered on teaching both the intellectual and physical language of horse back riding. Communication between horse and rider through the aids of voice and body characterize the philosophy employed in our daily programs. We encourage riders to horse show and exhibit the skills learned in lessons in the show ring.

Ridge Point teaches both children and adults, and can teach you on your own horse or trained horses/ponies provided by Ridge Point. When it is time to progress onto your own horse or pony, Ridge Point can happily help you search for the perfect horse or pony that will help you achieve your individual equestrian oriented goals.

We have students from Lakeland, Lake Wales, Winter Haven and other surrounding areas. Car pools are available in your area to dedicated students-just ask!

Training Program

BlowingRockHorseShowThe Purpose of the Training program at Ridge Point is to bring the horse or pony to a level of physical athletic competence that will allow him and his rider the greatest possible achievement of their potentials, enhancing both the career and the worth of the horse or pony.

All individuals brought to us have an athletic future! Finding and developing those talents and abilities is the daily task illustrated in the Ridge Point Training Program. Attending to the physical and mental well-being of each horse or pony in our program is routine.

From ground training to show ring training each horse will have his individual traits recognized and assimilated into that daily training, allowing us to recommend attainable goals for each horse/rider combination.